During and After PhD

I hold a PhD in economics from the European University Institute (EUI, 2016).  

I have spent the last 3 years at London Business School (LBS), learning from and  During 2013-2014, and before my arrival to LBS,  I was a PhD researcher at the Bank of England (BoE), where I worked on projects within the Monetary Analysis & Strategy Division, and the Market and Financial Analysis Division.  Both at the BoE and at LBS, I had the chance to meet and work with many great people and economists, to whom I am extremely grateful for allowing me to share time and projects with them. I certainly gained several friendships too.

Since 2011, I have also taken part in two different ventures: as a founding member of a multidisciplinary think tank, and as part of the board of directors for the social venture Social Venture AfricaBefore that, I held summer positions at the Bank of Hungary, in Budapest. 


Previous to my PhD, spent a some years as a consultant in Buenos Aires and Barcelona for an engineering firm specializing in transport and supply chain projects in Spain and South / Central America, and then at CEMFI in Madrid.  I also took part in several youth projects for the United Nations. 

My hometown

Im originally from San Carlos de Bariloche, a mountain town in Patagonia Argentina. Although I left when I was 18, I have been a keen fly-fisherman and skier for as long as I can remember Both of these are my escape clauses when needed.