Working Papers & Work in Progress

Monetary Policy When Households Have Debt: New Evidence on The Transmission Mechanism [May 2017] New version coming soon!

    with James Cloyne (UC Davis) and Paolo Surico (LBS)

- Investment and Monetary Policy: Theory and Evidence from Firm-Level Data In the US and UK.  with James Cloyne (UC Davis), Maren Froemel (LBS) and Paolo Surico (LBS)

- Bank Lending Channel and the Aggregate Effects of Sovereing Debt Shocks. with Andrea Gazzani (Baca d'Italia) and Alejandro Vicondoa (PUC Chile)

- Housing Wealth and Inter-generational Mobility

Work in stand-by / Old(er) stuff

Firms Strategic Competition and The Dynamics of Reputation: The Case of an On-line Market  - under revision. version with proofs

    (Modified and extended version of previous work joint with Ema Iancu)

Monetary Policy and the Mortgage Market: Evidence from U.K. Loan Origination - under revision

Assigned To Your Choice? A Short Note on the Assignment of Researchers to Workspaces (2010) 

Abstract:  In 2009, while in our roles as Researcher Representatives (Reps) for the Economics Department at the EUI, one of our tasks was to assign researchers from 2nd, 3rd and 4th year to available workspaces. We decided to implement an algorithm which is commonly used in, among others, the problem of assigning students to schools, and which has its origins on the matching problem developments for which A. Roth and L. Shapley received the 2012 Eco- nomics Prize in Memory of A. Nobel. We present a short summary of the procedure and algorithm carried out to assign researchers to workspaces. We then use Monte Carlo simula- tions in order to analyze its behavior and to compare it with alternative algorithms commonly used for similar problems. We find that the implemented algorithm has interesting properties in terms of final allocations.

 - Who Pays for Inflation? Welfare Costs of Inflation With heterogeneous Households under revision (based on my Masters thesis at CEMFI (2009))