June 2016-2018: Topics in Econometrics: Simulation-Based Estimation of Dynamic Models. (Main lecturer: Paolo Surico)

PhD level, London Business School.

Material: Lecture 1, Lecture 2.

April 2013: Numerical solution of General Equilibrium Models with Heterogeneous Households.

Bank of England

Material: short notes and slides

May 2012: Topics in Applied Dynamic Programming. Guest lecturer (Main lecturers: R. Cooper and J. Adda)

PhD level, European University Institute.

Material: slides

August - Sept 2009: Background course in Probability Theory and Statistics.

PhD level, European University Institute.

Material: Outline, lecture notes, slides, PS1 , PS2, PS3, Student evaluations.


Oct – Dec 2016: Core Macroeconomics (Main lecturer: Bartosz Mackowiak).

First year PhD. London Business School

February - May 2012: Money and Banking (Main lecturer: G. Gallo)

Undergraduate level. New York University (Florence Campus)

Material: PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5 .